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retro Metro

When I moved to the Truckee Meadows in 2001, I was amazed to see so much old signage still dotting the local Reno/Sparks landscape after many years. I am a Midwest girl and had never seen anything like it. In 2007 I began photographing the signs. They symbolize the character and fabric of this geographic area that I new call home. Since that time, some of these mementos of days gone by are no longer standing. The design and neon craftsmanship of the signage deserves to be documented and appreciated. It is my hope that as you view this series of imagery, you will warm and smile with fond memories of some good times way back when. Each black and white photo printed on archival paper with archival ink is uniquely enhanced with colored pencil. I think this series would be a great addition to any public space including offices and restaurants. 

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