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I am a Reno Nevada-based visual artist who explores photography, encaustic, mark making, mixed media and 3-dimension. My intent is to probe the dichotomy of my formal training as a graphic designer with my desire to create intuitively. It is my belief that, in achieving a balanced engagement of formal design parameters and intuition in my art, a Zen state of calm and peace will result. It is my hope that my immersion in my artistic endeavors will not only create beauty but also that the works of art will bring serenity to those who view them.  

         The turbulent state of the world today has intensified my need to find inner calm and peace as well as my abiding desire to impart beauty and serenity to others as they view my art.

Debbie Wolff's art and photography can go in your interior space with a minimal, zen, organic, earthy look.
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