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Who does not love noodles? Inspiration can come from the most random places. I was at an antique collective a while ago and found a bag of broken Asian fan parts. They were old, intricate and beautiful. I bought them with the intention of using them in mixed media someday. I was experimenting with mark making at the time and kept repeating doodle patterns that reminded me of noodles. The fan pieces reminded me of chop sticks. I also love ink gestures and kitakata paper. In these mixed media “noodle bowls” I am experimenting with stitching on paper, gold leafing, encaustic and hole punching. I just show up in the studio, I look around me at the random materials scattered everywhere. This has been a fun spontaneous exercise for me. The kitakata paper is wrinkly and has deckled edges. My framing suggestion would be to float them and treat the art as 3-dimentional instead of 2 dimensional.  These originals are for sale. Contact me if interested. 

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