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I Went for a walk...

This body of work probes the dichotomy of my formal training as a graphic designer with my intuitive artistry. The imagery is based on close observation of natural elements. Their seeming simplicity is especially alluring when considered in light of the tremendous amount of complex visual imagery bombarding contemporary society.
When I take a break from my “screens”and go out into nature, a change happens. Surely this is a common reaction among millions of other people, but at the same time humankind is more removed from the natural world than ever. Knowing more about the natural world, however, makes one’s personal world a richer place. The identification of diverse flora by the hiker or walker, or even the desire to identify them, has largely gone by the wayside. In viewing this imagery of natural beauty, it is my hope that the viewer will discern and value the calming influence that nature can impart and serve as a respite from the turbulent state of the world we live in today. 
I have devoted a significant amount of time experimenting with photographic gear and technology in order to achieve the processes that best serve my artistic vision for these pieces. Natural elements become contemporary compositions laid out in unconventional arrangements, then photographed on white backgrounds so that their subtle colors and textures are exceptionally seen. Coupled with post-processing techniques I achieve large format prints (40”x 60”and larger) without any loss of focus or detail. Another essential component of my process is the elimination of shadows, resulting in a floating effect that further differentiates these art images from traditional still life photography. Enjoy this earthy elegance!

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